Want To Find Out If You Have Been Overbilled?

Business tightening the gears on the dollar savings.

EBRS auditors have over 20 years of experience finding overcharges on electrical utility bills.

We successfully obtain refunds (or credits) for over 60% of our clients.

If we are unable to obtain a refund (or credit) for your company, you owe us nothing.  More >>

In Florida, call us at
Ph: 1-863-683-2541

Frequently Asked Questions


How do utility overbillings occur?

Almost every instance of overbilling results from unintentional human oversight or computer error. Many are not caught by the utility or the customer.


Why does a business need the services of EBRS?

Utility rates, tariffs, and billings have become as complicated as tax returns. In house personnel simply do not have the training needed to thoroughly audit utility bills.


Why should my business choose EBRS?

Three reasons:

  1. EBRS has over 20 years experience.
  2. EBRS experience includes not just electrical billings, but also water, sewer, and garbage billings.
  3. EBRS charges much lower fees (25% compared to the 50% fee charged by our competitors).


How much does the EBRS service cost?

There are no up front fees. If we obtain a refund or credit for your business, our fee is 25% of the amount refunded to your business, payable after you receive your refund or credit.


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