Want To Find Out If You Have Been Overbilled?

Business tightening the gears on the dollar savings.

EBRS auditors have over 20 years of experience finding overcharges on electrical utility bills.

We successfully obtain refunds (or credits) for over 60% of our clients.

If we are unable to obtain a refund (or credit) for your company, you owe us nothing.  More >>

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Would You Like To Find Out If You've Been Overcharged On Your Electric Bill?

...Duke Apologizes For Billing Mistakes-—Sept 15, 2017

...Duke Energy to Refund $1.3 Million to Wholesale Customers--April 2016

...Teco Glitch Overcharges Some Customers Thousands--Sept 2016

...Big Bills Result From OUC (Orlando Utilities) Meter Glitch--Aug 2015

...Leesburg Repaying Cutrale $4.2 Million for Five Years of Utility Overbilling—Jan 2015

...Not-So-Smart Meters Overbilling Californians—January 2017

...Electric Over-Billing Confirmed In Canada as Smart Meters Are Not So Smart—July 2016

...Ambit Energy Will Issue $950,700 in Refunds to 1,566 Customers --Jan 2016

...Top State Utilities Criticized For Slow Return of Over-Collected Money –Nov 2016

...Thousands of People Across Pittsburgh Were Recently Over-Billed by a Utility Company by Over $3 Million –Oct 2015

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A Simple Explanation of how EBRS services can help you.

Clients contract with us to audit their electric bills and obtain refunds from their electric company. If we are unable to obtain a refund (or credit) for your organization, you owe us nothing.  More >>


The Process in Brief of all you need to do.

All you have to do is sign and return two simple sheets. Our "Information Release Form" and "Audit Agreement Form". We do all the rest.  See the two simple forms and Process page here >>