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Business tightening the gears on the dollar savings.

EBRS auditors have over 20 years of experience finding overcharges on electrical utility bills.

We successfully obtain refunds (or credits) for over 60% of our clients.

If we are unable to obtain a refund (or credit) for your company, you owe us nothing.  More >>

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General Caulking & Coatings Company has grown to over 100 employees, with offices in Orlando, Miami, and Palm Beach. As the President of the company, I am always looking for cost effective improvements in all areas of our company. General Caulking & Coatings Company letter - PDF

After receiving literature from EBRS describing their utility review services, I decided to contract with them to audit our utility bills. They reviewed several years of our bills, and found that one of our offices had been set up on an incorrect rate. We soon received a nice refund check from the electric company serving that office.

Since our refund, I have recommended EBRS to several of my business friends. EBRS truly offers a win-win situation to everyone who uses their service.

Michael Engelke, President
General Caulking & Coatings Company, Inc.

As the owner of RMB Construction, we do construction projects in many parts of Florida.

We lease offices for several months at a time, in areas served by different electric companies with different rate structures. Our staff simply does not have the training needed to keep up with all the rate calculations used by the various utilities that provide electricity to our offices. Therefore, we have used EBRS to review our utility bills from the different utilities.

EBRS found several errors for us, usually involving improper rate changes. They successfully handled everything needed to get refunds to our accounts. And their fee was much lower than all the other bill auditing firms we considered.

We wIll continue to use them for every new office we open.

Robert Bondy, President
RMB Construction

Florida Defense Law Firm | Hightower, Stratton, Novigrod, & Kantor

Our law firm has offices in Miami, West Palm Beach, Tampa, and Orlando, and we spend several thousands of dollars per month on our electric bills. Wanting to verify the accuracy of our utility bills, we researched several utility bill auditing companies.

We chose EBRS based on a referral from one of our clients, as well as their lower fees. EBRS found that one of our offices had been overcharged on its electric bill, and one of our offices benefited by changing rate classes.

I highly recommend EBRS.

Florida Defense Law Firm
Dale R. Hightower Senior Partner
Hightower, Stratton, Novigrod, & Kantor

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