Want To Find Out If You Have Been Overbilled?

Business tightening the gears on the dollar savings.

EBRS auditors have over 20 years of experience finding overcharges on electrical utility bills.

We successfully obtain refunds (or credits) for over 60% of our clients.

If we are unable to obtain a refund (or credit) for your company, you owe us nothing.

In Florida, call us at
Ph: 1-863-683-2541

The Process:


How To Begin

If you have not yet received our information package, contact us In Florida. Call us at 1-863-683-2541 and we will send you the complete package, including the two forms that need to be signed and returned to us.

If you simply need replacement forms, then you can download them below:
Information Release FormInformation Release Form PDF download

Audit Agreement Form hereAudit Agreement PDF download

Then simply sign and return them to us. EBRS does the rest. For additional information, please read the 3 sections below.


Key Points

  • No up front money or out of pocket expenses to your business.
  • EBRS obtains refunds (or credits) for over 60% of our clients.
  • EBRS works on contingency. If we do not obtain a refund or credit for your business, you pay nothing.
  • EBRS has lower fees than the rest of our industry (25% fee compared to the 50% fee charged by our competitors).
  • EBRS provides a financial review service. We do not sell any products or recommend changes in how you run your facility.


How our service works

  1. You simply sign and return the Information Release Form and the Utility Audit Form.
  2. We handle all contacts and correspondence with the electric utility.
  3. We perform a detailed analysis or audit of your utility bills, going back several years.
  4. We research all applicable rates and rules from public service commissions and state agencies.
  5. We conduct a site visit at your facility to inspect electric utility metering equipment.
  6. We process all paperwork needed to secure refunds (or credits) from your utility.
  7. Our normal review process takes 30 to 90 days in most cases (more complex accounts may take up to 6 months).
  8. We are paid a percentage of the amount that we are able to have refunded (or credited) to your business.


In Summary

All you have to do is sign and return our Information Release Form and Audit Agreement (The two PDF forms above). We do all the rest.

That's all there is to it. If you want to look at our F.A.Q.'s, check here.


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